1. I will abide by all state and local animal laws.

  2. I will provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, and kind treatment for the animal at all times.

  3. I will have the animal examined by a veterinarian within 2 weeks of the adoption, and if any signs of illness occur, and have it immunized annually, and given proper flea treatments on a regular basis. __________(initial)

  4. I will keep all cats and/or kittens, I adopted, indoors at all times. __________(initial)

  5. I will maintain a current animal license, if one is required where I reside.

  6. I understand that I am now the owner of the animal.  I will not sell, give away, or abandon the animal.  Within six months of this adoption, if I can no longer maintain this animal, I will return it to Cannonsville Critters.  After six months, I must notify Cannonsville Critters if I can no longer keep the animal, and any return request will be deemed an “owner surrender”, and Cannonsville Critters will consider, but does not guarantee, acceptance of the animal.  If Cannonsville Critters can no longer take the animal back, it will make every effort to help me re-home the animal, myself.  I understand that none of the fees, associated with this animal are refundable, and that personal veterinary expenses, incurred after three days, will not be reimbursed.  __________ (initial)

  7. I understand that if the animal shows signs of illness, within three days of the physical adoption, Cannonsville Critters will pay for a visit to the vet of Cannonsville Critters’ choice, not mine. If I take it to a vet of my own choosing, then the cost will be my responsibility.  ___________ (initial)

  8. A representative of Cannonsville Critters may, without notice, make periodic inspections of the animal and its living conditions.  I will surrender the animal to a Cannonsville Critters representative, without compensation, if a violation of any condition of this contract has occurred.

  9. I understand that if any information provided by me on the adoption application is false, or if any of the terms and conditions of this agreement are breached, Cannonsville Critters reserves the right to repossess the animal on site, and deny any further adoption requests.

  10. Because the animal is a rescued animal, Cannonsville Critters has very limited, if any, background information, and therefore makes no representations or warranties as to, and disclaims liability for, the health, training, temperament, age, or breed of an adopted animal.  In the event of an adoption, you have agreed to accept the animal “as is”, and assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the ownership of this animal.